We interact with our mediums on a regular basis, conducting all processes on site, in our home. This narrow proximity dictates our unwavering standard for material selection and working methods.


Our pace of production varies with our work schedule. Some days we dig up potatoes. Some days we chop firewood. Other days, we make handbags. Maintaining this balance keeps our ideas fresh and gives us the opportunity to explore the creative process while enjoying the challenge of meticulous handwork.


Paper is our medium of choice because it is a natural material with a diverse range of applications. We use our own handmade paper as well as other selected variations to complete our works. All additional components such as fabrics, paints, hardware, leather and non-leather alternatives, are equally scrutinized for quality, appearance and sustainability purposes. 


Whether a one-of-a-kind item or part of a small series, each piece begins once it is ordered and remains in our workspace for the duration of it's creation. Before leaving our haus, it receives our haus's name. Then, it goes on to a museum shop, design shop or independent fashion boutique whose clientele favors impactful design and prizes authentic handwork.