The love of the patterns and colors have been part of my life since my childhood. My parents owned a knitting workshop where they produced different types of clothing. Some fabric always left behind what I could use. I spent long hours creating the most suitable articles of clothing for my dolls. I realized the different clothes gave them a new personality.

Later I studied photography and fashion design. In 2004, I found ESZKA.


 Now, instead of my mother's leftovers, I use yarns, which left in storage worldwide. I like to use the forms and colors courageously, I believe, it gives self-esteem who wears them. I try to make visible what is hiding. 

A limited number of pieces exist from one variant, because of two reasons: The number of yarns limited, and I also don't want that many people wear the same. To fulfill my aim, I have to design more often, which is the most beautiful part of the process. Everyday life gives the inspiration, the world I surrounded, the forms and patterns, and the different personalities who I meet. These impressions finally end up on the page.

The knitting process comes true with my father's help. In the end, I check every piece, I put the last props on them, and at the photo-shoot, I create the mood which suits them most.


Instead of the horrible wasting method and shoddy mass-produced products that fast fashion generates, I want to create timeless and unique products that leave after me the smallest ecological footprint. I use re-used yarns, and to make the whole procedure greener, we use sun collectors to run our machines. I put to waste nothing; from the leftovers, I make bags and accessories.

I presume that my clothes help you find the way to yourself.